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an interesting experiment…

I’ve always wanted a pair of spectator shoes, loafers or lace-ups, not brogued either (like the broadsheets by Allen-Edmonds). When your shoes are black and white you don’t need any further details is my way of thinking

For years I sporadically searched, then one day I found a pair, on eBay, made by Crockett & Jones (branded Ralph Lauren) which is one of my favourite shoemakers. They were in perfect condition and only ‘store worn’.

sure they were!

They were shipped down here and that’s when I discovered the seller had photoshopped the images, they had matted stained white suede, worn soles from weeks of use and even cuts in the leather. Being eBay I had no protection and even got abused by the vendor after giving truthful feedback. Fleabay can be an awful place to shop!

It did however give me an opportunity to test the refurbishment services on the shoe manufacturers that you read about. So off they went to C&J and today they arrived back.

The Dainite sole (which was quite thick) has been replaced with a oak bark tanned leather sole and the uppers have been cleaned and repaired. The lower profile sole is much more attractive and the shoe is much more aesthetically cohesive. The refurbishment services are quite impressive.

Now, what do I wears these with?

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