For every tool they lend us...

Coolest name for cutlery ever…

Everyman likes to feel like he is a bit rugged in the kitchen…I don’t use utensils, I use tools.

Designed by Renzo Piano, sometimes when an architect tries their hand at smaller objects the results can be very….uncomfortable….but in this case the results were spectacular.

Christmas 2013

A new house for the family; a great wife and wonderful little boy - I couldn’t think of anything I wanted to unwrap on the morning. I gave my wife this recently purchased pocket square to give back to me as a gift…

Lovely colours, bit shocked to find it is 70% wool - the reason for the cream colour…my other Roda multi colour is pure silk. Hope to try this one out soon!

New jumper/sweater - replacement of the J.Crew

Howlin’ by Morrison (a Belgium brand) 100% virgin wool and made in Scotland! One of those wonderful thanks-giving sales and only cost $120, the XL fit very well, ran true to size, they don’t do XXL either. The cost was very reasonable when compared to other Shetland sweaters. We’ll see how it lasts - but others have been impressed with the brand.

At first I thought I was a bit silly purchasing this Jumper on the first day of summer - but it’s been a cold, wet & miserable start to the season anyway!


12 years strong!

Finally retired after 12 years of service!

Started life on the Paconi, then the Parlee before finally finding their place on the Stevens cyclocross bike for the past 6 years - total of one broken spoke and a set of bearings in that time. So strong!


Safety first….

Hi Viz - actually works on these wet overcast days….every bit helps!

Castelli nano-flex shoe covers

These work well - kept the rain, showers and road grime out last weekend and the cold blustery winds off the very-well ventilated shoes today.

They are light, easy to clean (with a simple wet rag after walking in the door) and have a great zip closure and good cutouts for heel and cleats (I dislike shoe covers that want you to wear through the heel section by wear-and-tear. The length is spot on and the closure at the top of the ankle is really good - rain never entered into the bootie and I was wearing shorts without knee warmers (legs were coated with embrocation for the rain).

A really nice piece of kit - I personally have grown to like the matrix / S&M dominatrix look of the bootie - they look pretty serious on!

The silver pair would look great if you were wearing the Castelli pocket liner jacket (matching silver)


I sold the Castelli neprene booties (Diluvio 16) during the week - they are very well designed but I don’t like the idea of neoprene for cycling - I’d rather keep the wetness out than have it sit it the fabric and be warmed by my body heat. The construction of the copver was really impressive, the re-inforced rear zipper especially so.

He was never Jesus….he is just an amazing cyclist.

I never subscribed to the Lance is the cancer-curing God syndrome that others believed. Athletes should not be your personal heroes just because they perform their chosen activity with such greatness.

But what a cyclist! one of the greats! simply an amazing athlete.

Haven’t worn these for years and are throwing them out however wanted to keep a photo to have a chuckle…these were so much better than the yellow wrist bands and they always say there is a little truth in all great jokes!


A bit of fun whilst they lasted…

Northwave skeleton gloves - decent bit of kit, comfortable and casued  normal non-cycling folk smile. They disintergrated after a few years of wear on Friday - a 75km ride with Alex in the baby carrier in the rain and wind (not a good day on the bike!). Farewell!

Northwave were the first ‘proper’ cycling shoes I owned, still love the reversed colours (red & yellow) of them and held onto them for years just for the pure Italian style of them. They were very good shoes; comforatble and well made and the gloves have kept up that tradition.

Horologically matched!

The Pegoretti matched with a 7-Eleven era Tag Heuer Formula 1; Tag sponsored the team (for the first year I believe).

Slowly restored 384.513 - still has to go the watchmaker for cleaning etc